About Us

For 4 Years, We've been honing our craft of running a half million dollar lifestyle business

Here you'll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, Story and Team Members.

Who we help

We help health professionals and experts like naturopaths, therapists, practitioners and coaches who are legitimate experts at their craft, with existing businesses and want to scale their impact online. We help the new world practitioner who isn't afraid to speak their truth and can help people heal but may lack the structures, systems, teams, business skills, tools and guidance on how to get there.

What we do

We help Healthpreneurs and Coaches create lifestyle friendly businesses - a business that makes $40k+ / month profit, with 1 transformational offer, 1 community funnel, 1-2 Remote Staff, happy clients and a burn-out free business. We do this through our core program the AVOCADO Method Accelerator and then our AVOCADO Method Mastermind. Our programs aim to maximize impact, profits, client results and Practitioner happiness.

Our philosophy

1. Impact - Client Results are the Main Thing

2. Freedom - To Do, Be & Have what you want

3. Fun - Build a business thats fun to run

4. Quality - Great offers are easy to sell

5. Systems - We fail to the level of our systems

6. Simplicity - Simplify everything. Rule of 1's

7. Generosity - Generosity is our growth Strategy

8. Golden Rule - Do unto others as yourself

9. Community - Relationships are everything

10. Soulwork - Your business is the container

Our story

1. Shackled by debt

In 2008 I (Dan Harrison) started my first entrepreneurial endeavour attempting a land development deal with no resources, no experience, no mentors and no real roadmap. I did manage to bring a deal to the table, get a line of credit for $500,000 and get an offer... but the offer fell through as the markets collapsed in 2008 and at the age of 21 I was left with a half million dollar debt making $8 an hour plus tips as a server. I was in the bank so much trying to avoid going bankrupt that they gave me a 100% commission based job selling insurance. And given my options ... Sell or go bankrupt... I learned how to sell. Over time I became a top producing insurance and investment advisor, trained 100's of financial consultants to build their practices, went back to school, became a CFP built and sold a practice and eventually got out of debt... It only took me 10 years, but these 10 years taught me everything that I needed to know about how the money game works, how to sell, how to market, how to hire and train and eventually I came to the realization that the only reason I was in finance was out of survival and I actually hated the industry ... so I quit.

2. Going Online as a Money Coach

In 2015 Tony Robbins wrote a book called Money: Master the game if you have not read this book I highly recommend it because it outlines clear as day how the financial system is set up to systematically siphon your hard earned money through fees, inflation and taxes. This was the system I no longer wanted to be a part of so I let go of my CFP Designation, I stopped selling products and began serving people as a money coach and financial therapist helping people shift their behaviours and beliefs about money and teaching them the truth about the industry... But with this pivot I needed to figure out how to build an online business. How do I get clients? How do I create an offer? What tech do I use? What is a funnel? How do you run ads? etc etc. and in 2019 I had fallen in love with the digital marketing and social selling game. So I sold my money coaching practice and founded The Soulful Sales Company.

3. Soulful Sales Company was Born

My wife is a brilliant psychotherapist who was finishing her practicum and starting her own practice. I helped her choose whether to work for a clinic or start her own private practice. While looking at some of the contracts, I realized that health professionals like her were not set up to succeed financially. In fact, the broken business model ensures that health professionals will eventually burn out. I knew that these were the types of professionals who can truly transform lives and were the humans I wanted to serve. These included naturopaths, therapists, chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, and the REAL health professionals and coaches who offer honest life transforming advice and support. Shortly after this revelation COVID appeared on the scene, and I saw many health experts losing their jobs or being silenced on social media for sharing the truth. I knew I wanted to support them and saw an opportunity to do so, having gone through something similar myself when leaving the finance industry and becoming a truly independent practitioner.

4. Enter the AVOCADO Method™

It is a fascinating process to unpack your own genius and turn a lifetime of experience, and expertise into your own process for helping people achieve new levels of success whether that be in health, relationships or business. This was the process I undertook in the development of our now proprietary process for scaling health coaching businesses to $40k/m by implementing the AVOCADO Method™. AVOCADO is an acronym and a philosophy.

The Philosophy: Don't cut into unripe avocados = don't sell to people who aren't ready to buy

The Acronym: 8 Foundational pillars you need in your business before scaling.

Authority -

You must be an actual expert at what you do

Validated Offer -

You must have an offer that the market actually wants

Opt-in -

You must have something awesome to give in exchange for connections

Content & Community -

You must serve your market with content and community

Automations -

You must save your time by building systems and automations

DM Chat Flows -

You must have conversations and book appointments

Outbound Marketing -

You must know how to generate traffic

Soulful Selling -

You must know how to sell high value / high ticket offers

5. Our Simple Mission

Build a thriving community of like minded, free thinking and independent health professionals who want to build an online coaching business that can scale to $40k months and beyond with 1 High Value offer, 1 Community Funnel, 1-2 Remote Staff, Lots of happy clients and a have a burn out free Business.

Our team

Contacting us

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